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F16 (Replica) FULL KNOBSET


F16 (Replica)  KNOBSET 46 Knobs items. 
Knobs are resin printed and manual finished with an brassed insert. 
The black-Wit-Black indication is decal printed and placed and covered with a thick transparant acrylic paint. 

For those who don’t need a full set,  The knobs will be added as an option to choose in the Panel option.

I don’t have knobs on stock and create on demand.  please contact me for further information?

Dear pitbuilder, Due to a USA trip the creation and delivery of panels and pit parts is on pause between: April 10th and May 8th. You can order but i will start on them when RTB. For questions you can send me an Email "" In other high important issues you also can send and email to "" Thanks, Regards. Maarten (Knight)

Available on backorder

Item will be shipped in 4-6 weeks
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The inner brass diameter is 6,3 mm

the outer brass diameter is 9,6 mm

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Weight 1 kg