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Led board ready

In adition to the new software release, also the new Led board is available from our website. The led board has 40 led outputs, and 4 rotary inputs. Users that allready are using the IO board system, and want to use the new Led Board need to update the Master module. The firmware update can […]

IO boards available for DCS and BMS!!

Dear Pilots, Cockpit Builder and most of all. Dear Friends. We are very proud to announce the brand new production version of the IO Board system. Some highlights: – you don’t have to adjust Keyfiles, you just address the function. – No need for extra USB connectors, Just ONE. – Multi SIM compatible, DCS, BMS, […]

Test Version software IO board system available

After the long wait, it’s almost time. The definitive new version for the IO board system will be released soon. But before that, a TEST VERSION is available on our download page. You can download and install this TEST VERSION. See how the software works, and if you have any questions, let us know. What’s […]